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Your Personalised Flying Experience

Time. It’s the one thing we can not earn back, so how do you save time?
Wellington Jet Charters is here to help!

Avoid the queues, delays, connecting flights and other frustrations of airline travel with your own personal aircraft, flying to exactly where you want, when you want. Point to point, at Jet speed!

Just imagine waking up in Queenstown, and a few hours later you're fishing in the Bay of Islands.

Corporate customers - work on your own time frame. Book meetings without worrying if you will make your flight, we go on your schedule, not the other way around.

Arriving or departing New Zealand? We can operate from most of New Zealand's regional airports to the international airports saving you time with connecting flights.

We also specialise in guided outdoor adventures and golfing trips. We are closely connected with expert hunting, fishing and golf guides that have an exclusive knowledge of what New Zealand has to offer. Perfect for both tourist and corporate guests looking for that personal touch.

Get in touch to find out how we can save you time.

Aircraft Specifications & Safety

Aircraft: CJ2+

Pilots: 2

Passengers: 6

Average cruising speed: 400 knots (740km/h)

Max range: 1,781 nautical miles (3,298km)

Private Jet Plane Wellington New Zealand
CAA P135

The aircraft is certified and maintained under New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA) standards.


Wellington Jet Charters holds and operates under Part 135 Air Operators Certificate which is issued by the NZCAA. Our pilots all hold Air Transport or Commercial pilot licences and are rigorously tested.

Our aircraft has the ability to fly higher than most commercial traffic, meaning we can offer a more comfortable ride and avoid major weather obstacles easier. The convenience of being able to fly direct to regional airfields cuts out any troublesome connecting flights and helps you get to where you need to be quickly and save valuable time.


You can relax in comfort and style in six leather seats in our cabin. Four in the club configuration in the forward part of the cabin, plus two seats at the rear of the cabin. We have a small selection of snacks and drinks on all flights.

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